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The latest in the world of Rocket.

Rocket v0.3: Fairings, TLS, Private Cookies

I'm excited to announce that the next major release of Rocket is available today! Rocket 0.3 is packed with new features and improvements that increase developer productivity, improve application security, and provide new opportunities for extensibility. Rocket 0.3 is the culmination of almost 6 months of work. During this time, more than 225 changes were committed, over 100 issues (primarily questions and feature requests) were closed, and over 40 pull requests were submitted. The Rocket community has proven steadfast in their support: a sincere thank you to everyone involved!

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Rocket v0.2: Managed State & More

Today marks the first major release since Rocket's debut a little over a month ago. Rocket v0.2 packs a ton of new features, fixes, and general improvements. Much of the development in v0.2 was led by the community, either through reports via the GitHub issue tracker or via direct contributions. In fact, there have been 20 unique contributors to Rocket's codebase since Rocket's initial introduction! Community feedback has been incredible. As a special thank you, we include the names of these contributors at the end of this article.

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