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The ins and outs of Rocket, in detail.


Rocket is a web framework for Rust. If you'd like, you can think of Rocket as being a more flexible, friendly medley of Rails, Flask, Bottle, and Yesod. We prefer to think of Rocket as something new. Rocket aims to be fast, easy, and flexible. It also aims to be fun, and it accomplishes this by ensuring that you write as little code as needed to accomplish your task. This guide introduces you to the core, intermediate, and advanced concepts of Rocket. After reading this guide, you should find yourself being very productive with Rocket.


Readers are assumed to have a good grasp of the Rust programming language. Readers new to Rust are encouraged to read the Rust Book. This guide also assumes a basic understanding of web application fundamentals, such as routing and HTTP.


Rocket's design is centered around three core philosophies:

These three ideas dictate Rocket's interface, and you will find all of them embedded in Rocket's core features.