The ins and outs of Rocket, in detail.

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Before you can start writing a Rocket application, you'll need a nightly version of Rust installed. We recommend you use rustup to install or configure such a version. If you don't have Rust installed and would like extra guidance doing so, see Getting Started.

Running Examples

The absolute fastest way to start experimenting with Rocket is to clone the Rocket repository and run the included examples in the examples/ directory. For instance, the following set of commands runs the hello_world example:

git clone
cd Rocket
git checkout v0.4.11
cd examples/hello_world
cargo run

There are numerous examples in the examples/ directory. They can all be run with cargo run.

The examples' Cargo.toml files will point to the locally cloned rocket libraries. When copying the examples for your own use, you should modify the Cargo.toml files as explained in the Getting Started guide.