The ins and outs of Rocket, in detail.

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We hope you agree that Rocket is a refreshing take on web frameworks. As with any software project, Rocket is alive. There are always things to improve, and we're happy to take the best ideas. If you have something in mind, please submit an issue.

Getting Help

If you find yourself having trouble developing Rocket applications, you can get help via chat at on Matrix or the bridged #rocket IRC channel on Freenode at We recommend joining us on Matrix via Riot. If your prefer IRC, you can join via the Kiwi IRC client or a client of your own.

What's next?

The best way to learn Rocket is to build something. It should be fun and easy, and there's always someone to help. Alternatively, you can read through the Rocket examples or the Rocket source code. Whatever you decide to do next, we hope you have a blast!